My philosophy

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  


Josie Doyle (MSAO) Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


Equipoise - An even balance; equilibrium.

I have extensive experience working as a therapist treating a diverse range of disorders/conditions.  These include structural dysfunction such as back, neck, shoulder, joint problems/pain which I usually treat with a manual treatment followed by massage.  Likewise, I also have experience treating internal imbalances such as skin complaints, allergies, digestive disorders, fertility, tinnitus, stress, insomnia, fatigue, immune disorders, burnout etc. These conditions are generally treated with acupuncture but I often use a combination of different treatments tailor made for the patient to get the best results.  


I relocated back to Brentwood after living in Europe for 10 years and hope to continue offering my knowledge to new clients thereby enhancing their wellbeing.


Balance is the word that I think encompasses my philosophy and treatments most accurately.  If there is an imbalance within the body, illness and dysfunction may arise over time, so it is important to keep this simple concept of equilibrium within the body (yin/yang) for wellbeing.


My manual treatments consist of re-aligning the body to regain balance. Often an injury that has been left untreated or the overuse of a specific muscle group can cause counterbalancing muscles to compensate, which in turn may cause an imbalance or misalignment of the body.  Once this is rectified, often the patient will find that many of the aches and pains they had before will lessen or disappear completely.


Similarly, acupuncture is used to re-balance energy or qi in the body which has become out of sync and has resulted in any number of symptoms.  Once this energy is restored to its optimum state, the person will feel quite different energetically and equilibrium will be restored.


Acupuncture is used to balance the energy or qi within the meridians in the body.  It is used for both structural dysfunction and internal imbalances that can cause a number of non-specific symptoms including fatigue, headaches, insomnia, pain, anxiety etc.  Small needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points on the body to re-balance and rectify energy imbalances with often, immediate results.


A selection of manual therapies specific to the needs of the patient are used to treat injuries/structural imbalances in the body.  Gentle mobilisation/manipulation techniques without force are used on specific parts of the body to allow it to be re-aligned.  Additionally, the muscle memory is treated to prevent a return of the dysfunction once rectified.  Manual therapy treatments used include tuina, cranial balancing and fire cupping and treat a wide range of conditions such as sports injuries, back/shoulder/knee problems, trapped nerve pain, headaches (structural) etc.


A hot stone massage is a wonderful way to complete a treatment.  It helps to relax tense, painful muscles and induces calm and relaxation.  It is used during both manual and acupuncture treatments as the benefits are equally as beneficial for both.


This type of massage is relatively unknown but is extremely useful in treating a number of digestive problems such as IBS, candida overgrowth and stress.  Additionally it can be used to release emotional blockages which are often held in the abdomen.  It is a very effective treatment for chronic fatigue/ME sufferers.



424 Ongar Road,

Pilgrims Hatch,



CM15 9JN

Tel: 07484 711980


I went to see Josie following the recommendations of a friend. Having had health problems barely even aknowledged by Western medicine, I was desperate to find a solution and open to anything. Josie listened to me and reassured me. I think this was the first part of my healing.  

Having seen other TCM therapists since then (Josie, why did you decide to return to the UK?!), I can say that Josie goes the extra mile. I felt cared for and treated well. Acupuncture, massage, diet consulting... Josie knows her subject and she will offer the best solutions to cure you, relieve stress and just make you feel amazingly light and relaxed. There is always hope. Never give up!

Isabelle - Luxembourg

I started treatments with Josie out of a hunch – a hunch that turned out to become one of the best decisions of my life! A couple years ago, I developed the classical IBS symptoms, even went to the emergency room, but my faith in the western approach to healing is limited. For me, healing needs a holistic approach, just like Chinese Medicine sees it. When my doctor said that I could take some pills over a prolonged period of time, I was seriously alarmed. So, I asked around, and a friend of a friend knew Josie and I called to arrange an appointment. An appointment that turned into nearly two years of treatments and wonderful friendship!

Josie is extremely professional and has an extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine. She will give you sound advice as well as a comprehensive treatment. She will do everything that she can do to help you relieve the symptoms and find a way to a cure. I honestly can say that if I had not been with her in treatment with her for so long, I wold not be able to eat gluten again today.

Know that Josie is being greatly missed by us here in Luxembourg – there is no substitute for her practice J  If you are into holistic healing approaches & Chinese Medicine, don’t even hesitate to call her and arrange an appointment. 

Melanie - Luxembourg

Josie worked on me when I was suffering from a slipped disc.  She helped tremendously in easing my pain and I always came away from her sessions feeling so much better. 
 She's gifted in knowing exactly how to manipulate your body to bring out the best and I
 always felt secure in whatever treatment she recommended. 
 She's extremely personable and trustworthy and I recommended her to a lot of my friends who were never disappointed.  I saw Josie on a monthly basis and the
 benefits were outstanding. I wish Josie all the best in the UK although I wish she'd come back to Luxembourg!

Grainne - Luxembourg

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